[ALBUM] Trizz - Black Suburban Music

"It's been a over a year since my last solo album. This one feels different. Everything from the lyrics to the beats are the real deal. Even the skits are real life scenarios that I captured when people weren't aware so it's authentic. I'm just a black kid from the suburbs and this sh*t sounds like you're riding around in a black suburban... hence "Black Suburban Music", Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper Trizz has to say about his new album.

Guest features on the album are from Brotha Lynch Hung, Kokane, X-Raided, Knoc-turn'al, Cal-E-Clipz and Roc$tedy. Production is done by Phat Beatz, Stone's Neighbor, City Boy, Audio King, BUNX, Aye Brook, JayMack and Yung Huss. Also a new music video for the song "F*ck Is N*ggas Talkin' Bout?" was just released, watch below.

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