[ALBUM] Matt Maratea - High Hopes


Western Massachusetts artist Matt Maratea delivers his highly anticipated, 13 track album "High Hopes". With features from Michael Christmas and Lauran Beluzo, Matt displays just how versatile he is as an artist. Making music for a while now, Matt Maratea progresses with every project he puts out. Having everything it takes to be a breakthrough artist this album contains all of those components. Including 13 tracks on this project right from the start we get to hear Matt’s talents on “Hopes Up”.  Knowing how to construct a song at the highest level, sing on any track and spit bars on any track how could you not love his music. Keeping the sound changing on every song it’s very impressive to hear that in a music industry oversaturated with artists who only have one sound. This album is a massive move for Matt. There is no question this album shows the potential that he has as an artist and it’s going to set him up for major plays in the future.