[EP REVIEW] The Epic of Gilgamesh - ILL Conscious x Aloeight


The Epic of Gilgamesh by ILL Conscious (representing Baltimore) and Aloeight handling the production went from being a per usual post on the/this site to EP of the year material for me. Read below my thoughts on this 7 track gem ranging on everything from history, spirituality, potential, 5 percenter/NOI ideologies, and more.

The first track Promulgation is a jazzy, classy, warm and soulful promo intro giving thanks to those supporting. It encourages the listener to expand their horizons, reach new heights, and realize their potential.

Gilgamesh ft. Estee Nack and DJ Grazzhoppa is a cold, heavy drum track where Grazzhoppa provides cuts that I truly appreciate.

It's a return back to the warm, feel-good vibe on The Ego. This track relates to dealing with the ego, and how it can infiltrate the mind, spirit, emotions, and how it can affect your journey.

Planet Conscious features The God Planet Asia. It's a clever play on the alias' of both artists. I really enjoyed Asia speaking on "The piece with the magnetic in it" referencing the 22nd (or Wisdom Wisdom) degree of what are known as 120 lessons of the NOI/NGE. 

Awakening ft. Omnia Azar is that classic boom bap shit. The drums remind me of Up North Trip by Mobb Deep off of the classic The Infamous album. ILL speaks on living or at least practicing a holistic lifestyle. I love the soulful vocals of Omnia, saying "Everybody pays the price. You've gotta decide what you gon' buy. Choose it wise, because it's gon' change your life." True wisdom there.

Apocalypse welcomes King Los and Eligh. A bit more of true wisdom in the intro skit where a woman warns that "What the imagination has made, the imagination can unmake." This song has that slow, creeping/roaming vibe. It's also a bit of a banger due to the various flows of each artist, and the beat progresses into something that goes hard. Historical references are made on this track, as well as more NOI/NGE. S/O to Los upping Nipsey Hussle, keeping in mind that we're all in a marathon. 

To my Babies ft. Myea returns to the soul element of this project, which is fitting given the themes/subjects of it. This an ode to the babies, a reminder to love them, nurture/nourish them, teach, and mold them to fulfill their destiny. It really gives me Lupe vibes.

I'm genuinely pleased with this EP. It's truly EP of the year material.

Rhymes = 3.75/5

Content = 4/5

Beats = 3.75-4/5

Overall = 3.75-4/5