[SINGLE] CAMÍNA - Forever and Always


Dallas-based artist, CAMÍNA, shares new single, "Forever and Always," today, the second offering from her debut album, Te Quiero Mucho, due out October 2, 2020Dallas Observer says, "Te Quiero Mucho will contain personal ruminations on love and loss, as well as commentary on our nation’s political climate. She named the album after a phrase she would repeat to her dog as she was receiving chemotherapy treatments."

The new single deeply focuses on the love and loss root of the album. "Forever and Always" is a hypnotic, electronic-infused trip-hop track with Latin influenced rhythms. CAMÍNA reminiscences about the time spent with those in her life who passed away over crackling organs and thumping bass. It's a plea to the departed, begging them to know how much they are loved.

CAMÍNA says, "'Channeling the vocal stylings of Whitney Houston and the breathy, heart-on-your-sleeve sounds of George Michael, “Forever and Always” is a contemporary take on the classic power ballad. A crackling funerary organ wafts beneath lyrics that plead for the departed (“Believe me when I say I miss you forever and always”) to understand how much they meant and how much they will be missed."