[SINGLE] Eso.Xo.Supreme - I'm Ready (Prod by Boidhe)


Portland artist Eso.Xo.Supreme returns with the new single "I'm Ready" produced by Boidhe. 

Within seconds it's easy to see that Eso.Xo.Supreme's sound is completely unique, something rare in 2020. With spacey and slightly auto-tune vocals, Eso creates his unforgettable melodies, stacking his vocals, and using the perfect amount of distortion and delay to create an unmatched vibe. Not only mastering the musicality of his releases every time, its Eso's love-sick and often heartbroken inspired lyrics that hit listeners dead in the chest on each release. Lyrics so real you might even start to worry about this artist at times, but it's Eso.Xo.Supreme's rawness and vulnerability that separates him from other singers and writers in 2020. 

On "I'm Ready" Eso connects with Boidhe for hypnotic production leading the way for his story of love, drugs, and heartbreak. Be sure to subscribe to Eso.Xo.Supreme YouTube channel and he prepares the release of the Official Music Video for "I'm Ready," and catch up on some of Eso's previous releases while you're there.

For now, press play on the new single - "I'm Ready" by Eso.Xo.Supreme and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter for new music and updates! 

Eso.Xo.Supreme - I'm Ready (Produced by Boidhe)

Smart Link: https://song.link/zx8JkcQPmKXhr