[ALBUM] Nate Runnur - Very New Heights

Native Philadelphia rapper Nate Runnur has released his debut project, Very New Heights. Following two EPs, Supercharged and Flavors Vol. 1, which was released last Summer– Very New Heights highlights Runnur’s passion for living a life filled with luxury and good health while also touching on how he navigates through society’s current climate. Very New Heights is available on all platforms now

This 10-track body of work, featuring production from LIFECRZY, Athena, Dre W., Ninety 8, and Sachy, is a strong cohesive project inspired by Runnur’s lifestyle and the fun experiences that come along with it. 

The album title provides an important message about always choosing to ascend to new heights no matter what challenges you may be faced with. With lyrics from track number 2 entitled “Changes”, boasting “..life only changing when you practice what you offering” Runnur provides a clear indication into the underlying message of the project by motivating listeners to stay true to their craft in order to see positive changes in life.