[BEAT TAPE] Dodie Manta - Us vs. Them

Dodie Manta Us vs.Them is exuberance, youthful energy, naive and contagious, inspired by an arcade video game, precursor in its time,
initiator of a technological and playful revolution.

Us vs.Them revives the lightness and spirit of creative entertainment that
raged in the 80s. Musically, it reconnects with the origins of Hip-Hop said Boom-Bap in vogue from the late 80s until in the mid-90s by injecting a
massive dose of supercharged beats, acid samples, and incisive cuts.

As a respectful and devoted heir to this movement, Dodie Manta does
not hesitate to cross horizons then prohibited at the time by injecting
into her productions new ingredients, electronics, modular synths and
original rhythmic arrangements which restore a color and a new liveliness
to this new generation Boom-Bap which is offered a makeover, conducive
to a strong comeback of this current. The Boom-Bap 2.0 is born!