Benjiphonik - A Very Benji Christmas (Official Music Video)


The Southern California musical MADMAN, Benjiphonik, is at it again! This time witnesses alleged that he was spotted at a local shopping mall, “Arguing with Santa Claus.” When we contacted Benji for a statement he said, “This crazy dude cut me off, and stole my parking place at the mall. I was steamed! But when I tried to confront him, and saw he was THE Santa Claus, I realized I was in some kind of other-worldly, multidimensional, Christmas moment… Also, he was way bigger than me, and I was a little bit scared of him.” Apparently the centuries-old-saint was looking for a MC to join him on his yearly trek to deliver gifts worldwide. As an avid Hip Hop enthusiast Mr. Claus told press representatives, RUN-DMCOutKast, and Snoop Dogg were all busy, so I figured I’d pick up this rap-weirdo and just make the best of it.” As a result, there will no doubt be a number of Benjiphonik – Omega Funk 10,000 EP’s in children’s stockings this year. 

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