Devine Carama - "Original Man" (directed by #UnsungHeroMedia)


Well, in the first half of 2020, I was reeling from the death of my teenage daughter and surviving through a once in a lifetime global pandemic and I put those emotions into a project entitled "Worshiping In The Wilderness''. In the subsequent months I started a daily series called "16 Bars For Breonna" where I penned a verse each day about the different layers of systemic racism.  Today I'm releasing a project called "Black Man In America" which is a cohesive compilation of some of the verses from that series. In one of the most challenging years of my life, hip hop has been a refuge and a platform for me to express and I hope the simplistic and raw nature of this project is something people of all walks of life can resonate with.  The entire album was produced by Portland producer, Luvjonez and is currently available on all streaming services! - Devine Carama 

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