[EP] Markee Steele - Vet & A Rook


On the heels of the release of his new album Time Heals, North Carolina emcee Markee Steele (formerly known as Mark Steele) kicks off the new year today (1/6/2021) with the Vet & A Rook EP. Now available on all digital streaming platforms, the conceptual seven-track EP is Steele's third new project in three months via his new Marquee Recordings label, and contains the recently debuted "Big Dreams III" record.  

"Blessed to be in a unique position in my career because I’ve accomplished a lot independently, yet there’s still a large portion of my potential fanbase I haven't managed tap into yet. Everyday I’m considered a new artist to a lot people that have just discovered me. I know exactly who I am as an artist and where I’m taking my ship but I’m still new and so much has yet to be written.  A true Vet & A Rook, at the same time." - Markee Steele  

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