Album Review: Cadi - Ardor


I was first introduced to Floridian Hip-Hop artist Cadi back in September of 2017 when he dropped Astral Almamatta which was a very unique album that had me pondering, cracking smiles and laughing at times. Now, Cadi is back with another album in Ardor. Let's jump right into this review. 

There's a tribal feeling about the first track Hiraeth which is fitting given that Cadi expresses how he finds himself in the woods to free his mind and soul. The setting helps him regain control.

The 2nd track Tempestuous is a go-hard banger that I could see being used in a sports highlight video. 

A feeling of clarity and calm that accompanies Susurrus. The susurration of Cad's voice matches the atmospheric, chamber like beat well. This track is very meditative in a sense. 

Back to another banger on Perdition. Cad has just said "fuck it" here. It's almost like a dialed up, tempestuous 2.0. This is the other side of the calm that Cadi strives for, like this is the feeling that he escapes from when he goes to the woods. 

We're returning to a calmer tone and pace on Noctuary. For a another banger, this one is a bit dream-like. Achieving temporary ego-death is what I'm picking up here. 

It's a very cinematic vibe on Ceraunophilia. Ceraunophilia is finding intense beauty in storms. I can relate this. 

Ethereal is the 7th track and it's very chilly, light, and free. The beauty is melancholic in a way. I imagine that Cad wants to feel and become like how I describe this song to be.

The next track is Acquiescence. I believe what Cad is expressing here is that he will persevere through every experience and that after every experience he will come out on the other side every time as a different person on a different level.

The title track Ardor is up next. Here the Cad is saying that regardless of the trials and tribulations, bumps in the road and naysayers, pursue your dreams. The sample in this beat reminds me of Clams Casino, and I could have heard Sadistik on this track or even Krayzie Bone (Bone Thugs) during his Chasing the Devil album days. 

Pyroclasm is a very up-tempo warning to not awake the sleeping dragon.

To close the album, Cad takes us to where he roams and walks, up in the clouds with Nefelibata. Be happy is the perfect goodbye for now.

The Cad has surpassed Astral for me. The growth since then is easy to see. I love the beats here as well as the song titles, subjects/themes and Cad's cadence. 


Stream Ardor below