[BEAT EP] Device & Menace - Shapes, Patterns & Textures


"Shapes, Patterns & Textures", a joint project by producers Device & Menace.

Device and Menace met and became friends through skateboarding in the streets of Barcelona, Spain. Quickly they realized that they also share a passion for music and making beats. What started as occasional jams turned into regular production sessions at Device's studio in Barcelona. The result is a collection of beats that reflect the harmonic atmosphere between the two.

Menace is originally from Stuttgart, Germany, and has been an active musician since he was a child, playing the piano, drums and the guitar. His beats appeared, among others, on projects by German rappers Chefket and Danju.

Device is a Sound Engineer, DJ and bass player from Jerusalem, Israel. He is one of the founders of the Hip-Hop scene of the holy city and after living in Barcelona for more than 8 years, he is now an active member of the city's underground music culture.

Their influences range from classical music over to Jazz, Funk, Soul and above all, Hip-Hop. In their productions, these influences are merged together in a unique sound, expressed through recorded instruments, synthesizers and chopped samples.

The artwork is made by the talented Leandro Lima, who created abstract forms inspired by the vibe of the beats of Device and Menace.
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