Lord Lawrence Drops The Refreshing New Single "Forever Love"

Watch/Stream the new single "Forever Love" from Lord Lawrence. 

Portland's own pop-star in the making, Lord Lawrence releases his first single of 2021 with "Forever Love," previewing his new EP Everything Is Temporary. Kicking things off with a dancey and uptempo vibe, Lord Lawrence spreads his wings vocally on "Forever Love" with an infectious and pulsating chorus leading the way. Delivering his one-of-kind, lovesick and personal lyrics Lord Lawrence truly sets the vibe with his lead single, reintroducing his personal demons to the world while putting on a smile for the audience to enjoy. Directed and shot by PHVZES, the Official Music Video for "Forever Love" shows Lord Lawrence's casual approach to stardom, as his pace is as cool as his temperament while still battling and questions everything life has to offer. "Forever Love" reminds us of an 80's smash hit or even a left off track from Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreaks sonically, while Lord Lawrence brings us fully in 2021 with his song-writing abilities. Blending inspiration from everything from Punk, Metal, Trap, R&B, and more it's easy to see that Portland's Lord Lawrence is a unique artist carving out his own niche and fanbase with endless possibilities. 

Press play on "Forever Love" now available on YouTube as well as streaming on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and more.