[ALBUM] J.Lately - Winnebago


While Northern, CA hip hop artist J.Lately's new album 'Winnebago' is about a life on the go, he's more at home than ever before. Finding ways to lyrically traverse the roads of life, Lately takes the time to enjoy when the conditions are smooth, while never overlooking the potholes and rough weather that can be present along the way. It's this dichotomy of the struggle and the reward, the carefulness and the carelessness, the open road and the confines of one's mind, that make this piece of work so relatable to the listener. 

J.Lately brings some friends along for this musical journey. Providing the backdrop are producers Space Cadet and Trey C, who Lately has worked frequently with in the past, and the compatibility clearly shows. Features on the album include Las Vegas's Dizzy Wright, Los Angeles's Gavlyn, and Vancouver, BC's Junk, who Lately toured with through Canada in 2018. 

While J.Lately has been pursuing music for the last decade or so, his climb has been a slow and persistent one. However, the last two years he has been experiencing growth like never before. Whether it's due to people finally taking recognition, or Lately coming into his own as an artist, or most likely a mix of both, the 'Winnebago' album is a clear statement that if you haven't been paying attention to his music yet, now is definitely the time to start.