[Instrumental EP] Hoopaloop - Prototype


Prototypes" by Hoopaloop is a transitionary instrumental piece that was sparked by a series of major life changes. This EP tells a story of progression through a move from the hectic city environment to the peace and solace of a secluded farm acreage in the heart of the Canadian prairies.


When altering your surroundings and musical path with intention, there is a certain amount of growing pains in making tough decisions and how they are perceived thus the EP title "Prototypes".


The track list for this project starts much like the progression of the journey in putting it together. Finding your fire for inspiration (Elevate), proving to yourself that you are worthy of your own self-expression (Alpha Dog), relating to and being inspired by others who hold similar passion (Tribe), then wrapping up with the realization that your music and audience is what you want it to be (Trees Watching)...


These changes were a long period of preparation both physically and mentally which led Hoopaloop back to a constant, his musical outlet. As a whole, the intention of this album is to find peace within the storm of life as it was prepared before, during and after settling in to a new environment.

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