Review: Noveliss x Mega Ran - MAVERICK HUNTERS

Peace to the Hip-Hop community. Recently, two of our favorite blerds, Noveliss and Mega Ran have united for a collaborative project entitled MAVERICK HUNTERS and today we're here to give our review on it. With 8 tracks spanning 23 minutes, let's get right into it.

This mission of a project opens with Complete the Mission. This track feels like I'm "trapped" in a video game (quotations because being stuck in a video game doesn't sound bad...or are we already living in one?) or perhaps I'm in an 8-bit NFT. I get and appreciate the blerdy references to video games. 

Those same vibes of being in a game are on How many lives. It's a reference to playing a game with multiple but limited lives. This track had me find myself thinking of GZA's quote on I Gotcha Back. "Then I realized the plan. I'm trapped in a deadly video game, with just one man."

Dear Summer is right on time as summer approaches. It's a real feel-good track with some poppish rap vibe. 

The first half of the project closes with an atmospheric, minute long track starring Mega Ran on Reploids.

The wrestling fan in me was all over Clash of the Titans. The Okada v Omega and all-around wrestling theme was great. They even had AEW wrestler and former NJPW star Kenny Omega open the track saying "This is Kenny Omega and you're listening to the Clash of the Titans featuring Noveliss and Mega Ran."

Bubblegum crisis is a motivational track encouraging you to stay up because a breakthrough is coming.

Memory Card is fun but a bit deep because it's main message is that life's a game but only 1 life remains, and how you should never move without a memory card and how it's adventure vs memory loss. 

The last track Imposter Syndrome may be my favorite track but it's definitely the most substantive. To sum up what the track is I'll just quote the hook: "I know who I am buy sometimes I'm not really sure. On one hand I do the most yet I wish I could do more. I ain't where I was before, I ain't where I wanna be. I wish I could be the person you see when you see me."

This is a quick, fun and relatable project by two of our favorite blerds. 

Rhymes = 3.5/5, Content = 3.75/5, Beats = 3.75/5. Buy and listen to MAVERICK HUNTERS below.


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