[EP Review] Ransom - Se7en


Ransom was on the Hip-Hop Mt. Rushmore of 2020 for me personally and with this new Se7en EP it's looking like he might be back. This baby is 7 tracks spanning 22 minutes long J.Arrr, IX WULF and heavy hitters Royce Da 5'9" and Lloyd Banks. Let's get right into it.

Ran starts the joint off with a feel-good, regal freakin beat produced by Nicholas Craven on Envy. This beat got me picturing Superman (or SuperRan) flying over Metropolis which is fitting because Ran on this track just gives off that "I'm above you niggas" vibe, on the mic and off it. No shortage of quotables on this track or this whole damn project but I'll stay disciplined and list just my favorite one: Always wondered why you niggas envied me. Your bitchy attitudes and remarks just never offended me. Know your identity before you try to pretend me. In tune with the enemy so my enemy won't be the end of me.

Gluttony features Lloyd Banks. This track takes a more laid back approach but still got a nigga bobbin his head and is prod by V Don &and NLCK. The title of track gives away what the subject is but I think when Ran summed it up perfectly when he said a money tree can only leave roots of evil. My favorite quote on this track though is: There's always an opinion when niggas doubt mine. I shoot perfect from three and they'll say you miss from the foul line. But Fools'll learn from mistakes, a genius learn from mistakes of others. came close. Y'all already know Banks held his own here and his voice just fits the beat.

I see the next track Greed ft. Royce Da 5'9" almost as an extension of the previous due to the subject matter and their being another OG being featured. It was a return to the regal vibe with the beat here prod by Lord Sear. Both emcees give game here and I'd be quoting damn near their whole verses but you know I'ma drop some quotables. Ran got me when he said You tellin me to be negative, that's your blood type. Royce got me when he said True anamoly, deep a view as optometry, Numerology speakin through this autonomy, while the leaders confused tell Thomas MacDonald we don't agree with his views but we approve of his honesty. 

Ran is solo on Wrath. This song serves as a warning to stay out of the way and the beat prod by Chup the Producer helps drive that home. The chorus is my quotable Vengeance, rage, revenge, wrath, you gon' feel the brunt of this pain when blockin' my path. Feel this fury, hate, anger, wrath, heroes don't exist when it's time for villains to clash.

I never thought I'd hear Ran on a beat like what we get on Lust / L.U.S.T. ft/prod IX WULF. I hear Vandross, Khan or Sade in the 80's on something like this Ran sounded right at home on it though. Ran starts the first verse with my quotable I gotta hear all these escapades at the oven. Imagine every story's portraying something you wasn't. I swear you niggas is stubborn. Still hatin' on the next man, now ya food getting cold watching over other niggas that's grubbin'.

The darkest beat on the EP is found on Sloth ft. J.Arrr, prod by Chup the Producer. Again, Ran starts opens the track with my quotable What's living with no obsessions? Got no discretions, you know the reference behold the essence. Know the lessons, how you handle your liquor when holdin' weapons? I done took this hoodie off and the villain's my own reflection. Soul possession of a sober perception with no decpetion, no depression. Life's a test, niggas blessed when they know the questions. Hope for blessings, but I ain't gon' pray in no church to get em'. Curse the reverend cause' he fake, only snakes got a thirst for venom. J. Arrr held his own and flowed on this beat perfectly. 

Ran produced the last track Pride himself. I've heard this sample a few times in the last few years. Back to that "above you niggas" vibe with the beat. My nigga's just feeling himself here and why not? After 20 years in the game he not only deserves his flowers while he's here, but he's earned them. I'm Dr. Sebi mixed with Machiavelli, Pac and Reggie noble soldiers. Behold a flow as vulgar as Akinyele's. I'm like the Lakers when they drop confetti. A tripod to keep the chopper steady whenever the stock is heavy. Berettas and Kock-a semis whenever Ran is near. A man'll always be judged on how he handles fear. It's clear I'm over your heads, just like a chandelier. Fans'll cheer, fuck up the game over the span of years.

Ran dropped EP of the year material with this one. Just a continuation of his 2020. Stream Se7en below