Benjiphonik - Every Little Thing (Official Video)


In 2020 our whole planet had one shared experience as we struggled to cope with a global pandemic. Yet, even in these trying times, there is light. Join Benjiphonik as he takes a journey through his past to find rays of hope in some of life’s hardest moments. 

In an introspective new single and music video, Every Little Thing, Alternative Hip-Hop artist, Ben “Benjiphonik” Stewart, takes a look at some of the hardest moments in his past in an effort to find hope for the future. 


When asked what inspired this thoughtful song, Ben said, “I looked back at 3 pivotal moments in my life. Firstly, what it was like to grow up with a learning disability, Dyslexia. The second was the tragedy we all experienced in the US on September 11th, 2001. And lastly, the worldwide, and globally felt, pandemic of 2020, COVID-19.” 


Stewart acknowledges that there have been irreparable effects from the continuing pandemic, but he also sees that there is “a light at the end of the tunnel.” With businesses reopening in the US, new jobs becoming available, and over 190 million people (in America alone) being vaccinated against the virus, we are beginning to see the dawn of a new day. “Our next challenge will be to help those in countries like India get back on their feet,” said Stewart.   


Many are curious whether this will be a permanent direction for the artists new music, but Benjiphonik firmly stated, “I will ABSOLUTELY be getting back to the kind of music that makes you groove, giggle and move. I just felt that it was important, after all we’ve experienced this past year, to recognize our mutual struggle, and to remember that there is hope even in the hardest of times.” 

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