[EP Review] Smidrin - Smitty-San


Peace to the Hip-Hop community. Jab here. I've had the pleasure of working with artist Smidrin for 5 years or so now by sluggin and jabbin (Chop x Screw) his music and have even had him featured on a mixtape or two of mine. Now, I've finally gotten to reviewing his music. 

His new EP Smitty-San is out now and ready for your ears. Maybe stream it while reading the review? I embedded the Spotify link at the very bottom of the page. 

Took every L opens this baby up. It gives me conflicting emotions. I wanna fuckin mosh pit to it but I also just want to lay back and flex with it.

Racked up Shawty to me is a track about already having done so much in life...SO FAR....with still SO MUCH left to do but for now Smiddy is just confidently reflecting on it.

Smiddy talks about getting back up after being in a down situation in life on Brought Me Back. He may have had to sell kicks to eat but at least he was out the streets. Now it's all about getting it in a world that's even dirtier than he knew back then. 

I Can't Complain closes the EP and it's another track that has conflicting feelings for me. It feels like a goodbye (for now) given the title of the track which makes me feel like after reflection, Smid is calling game with this track ending the EP. With that said, the beat feels like an intro saying "What up motherfukcer. I'm here and your ass is in for a ride because I fuckin GOT ONE with this project." 

All in all I fuck with this EP. It's short, to the point, and the beats match the lifestyle that Smid is living and telling us about in his lyrics.