[SINGLE] Graver Ekow - Drama


Over a beat that sounds like the insides of a robot malfunctioning, Graver Ekow showcase their trademark witty and abrasive lyricism in a bid to live drama free. But this is less of a plea for help and more of a violent warning to those who would dare cross the pair.

Bio: Graver Ekow are a Queer British Hip Hop duo, holding a futuristic lens to the world. Join them in holding a middle finger up to convention, with a controlled chaos of genre-defying Hip Hop, nestled in DIY pop sensibilities. The two met in London in 2018 and quickly fell for each other. As their lives began to merge they began creating new worlds together with their music. They are not your teachers, priests or heroes – they are your guides as you encounter yourself in a world you know, but have never been to.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/graverekow/

Twitter: Graver - @feelmatic || Mr Ekow - @mrchrisekow


Contact email: graverekow@gmail.com