teedotEinsof + Loved Ones - Ether​~​Net EP


The Ether~Net EP is a 7-track piece that I conceptualized around my loved ones that i have met through this journey. It is a very special piece to me i took a year 2020 off to grow within my craft & mold. As i worked on new techniques & improved my instrument playing, I was able to weave together my interpretation the art of sampling & playing various sonic expressions of jazz, blues, soul & hiphop to create the feelings that circulate through out this EP w' the help of my loved ones: Sidewaalk Kal, T'nah, Distant Starr, JohnNY U, Joey Golden, Theodis Soul, Travis F & more.

The artwork for EtherNet was created by Misfitsleep, a dope graphic/visual artist that is from overseas & has done some brilliant covers for my friends!

The astrology signs showcased under each artist is a sigil of the innergee within each artist & the potential chemistry between my loved ones & myself!

In short conclusion this Ether~Net EP is a my way of traversing through the Ethers & connecting through the Ethernet to share with the audience the alchemy that has & will continue to form & take shape between my loved ones & myself!!

Shouts out to all the human builds that were experienced for the chemistry of this special piece to BEcome what it has BECAME!! - teedotEinsof