Address (DJ Pack) by Chadio & The Dirty Sample


About “Address”:
Chadio & The Dirty Sample are back with their fourth video from their collaboration album No Wives Club, this time for their single “Address”, featuring a simple yet infectious hook provided by longtime collaborator Azrael Raps Good. Shot over the course of a weekend, and directed and edited by ARGVidz, the video takes the viewer though a brisk tour of most of the places Chadio has ever lived. As a bonus, Saskatoon beat-maker Dren laces the remix with a chilling piano sample that only feels more rowdy once the drums kick in for the second half.

Social Media:

Chadio: @chadio (FB) and @chadiotreetrunk (IG and Twitter)
The Dirty Sample: @thedirtysample (FB and IG)