Beni-Hana & The Gloomy Sailor - "Departed" ft. Qualm & Gamm #goonmusick


Underground Hip Hop listeners rejoice!  Carolina Underground Hip Hop artists Beni-Hana is back with Belgium boombap beast The Gloomy Sailor.  

Coming to us with there second offering from upcoming project "Angels in Atlantis" Beni brings his team out the gate on "Departed" with long time collabator Qualm of the Savage Brothers and Gamm of Bloodline Fam.  

The  seasoned grimeyness of these veteran emcees shines supremely over an eerie Orchestral composition and booming baseline.  If this is any indication of how the new mixtape will be sounding than Carolina Hip Hop and Goon Musick seem to be gearing up for big things in 2022.

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