Elajah Mouhammed "The Curious Die Young" (EP)


Elajah Mouhammed's latest release manifests as the 6-track EP titled "The Curious Die Young." The project is about spending your final days of magical adolescence with the homies before having to grow up, sort of like that last summer you have before you go off to college and do the adulting thing.

While the majority of the EP's vibe is animated -- the title serves as a warning to the young: live life to the fullest. Time passes quicker than you can feel it and Elajah uses the Summer as a metaphor.

"The Curious Die Young" was recorded in Lounge Studios (Manhattan, NY) -- with the help of Grammy Award-winning executive-producer Richardo Acasuso -- and mastering handled by Mikaelin BlueSpruce.

Twitter: @ElajahMouMusic