[EP] Jacobi Ryan - Practice Gym


Jacobi Ryan had this to say about "Practice Gym"

Practice Gym was written at a time in my life where I was fighting for confidence, purpose, and awareness. I looked at this period of my life like the practice gym. No bleachers for ppl to watch or support in. No AC to find comfort in. Just you and the work. The gift of an artist is their taste. However, the artist's ability often lags their taste. And that's where most people give up. And that's the moment this project is about. It's at that moment that you find out if this is what you really want to do. It can be a lifetime before an artist can match their ability to their taste. Every artist I'd known about, as far as I heard, had been in a place where nobody was rocking w what they were doing. They had to get better. And reach their right people of course. But I knew this was a time I needed to put my head down and focus on the groundwork no matter how exhausting or embarrassing it might seem. Every show is an opportunity to get better and work on my craft. Every song is an opportunity to work on my brain’s keenness to connect ideas of my own. Every day is an opportunity to be better. To get better. It started off as a period in my life and became more of a lifestyle. Do what u need to do to do what you want to do. The closer you are, the stronger the resistance.

Talk soon. Gratitude and appreciation. - Jacobi Ryan