GF Anon - Miscellaneous (Official Music Video)


GF Anon is a recording artist, songwriter, producer and engineer from Camden, NJ. Formerly known as Darnell Little, GF decided it was best to make some positive changes in his career and rebrand at the start of 2020. "GF Anon" is actually an acronym that stands for "Graceful and Anonymous." Embracing the mystique of his rebrand, GF is admittedly an introvert and contrary to most artists, he much rather be in the background. 

Growing up an army brat, GF moved often as a child, but through those travels he developed a deeper appreciation for music; it was an escape. By the age of 9, GF began learning how to make beats, and by his teenage years, he was recording full original songs.  In 2020, he dropped his acclaimed album "Canvas Of A Radiant Child", which featured production from Statik Selektah, Sadhugold, and more.