Sarah Schroder-Matzkin Releases Two New Videos "Betrayal" & "Look to the Stars"


Award-winning singer, actress, and producer Sarah Schroeder-Matzkin has earned herself the eyes, ears and touch the feelings of more than 250,000+ viewers and counting -- with her newest music videos "Betrayal" and "Look to the stars." Sarah’s single “Look Too the Stars,” is set for feature on the soundtrack for Schroeder-Matzkin’s upcoming movie titled "Not Alone."

Additionally, Schroeder-Matzkin’s last music videos were selected for the 'International Music Video Awards 2021.'

On the movie front, last year, she Executive Produced “Bloodshot”, starring Vin Diesel, “The Tax Collector”, starring Shia LeBouf -- and “The trial of the Chicago 7”, directed and written by Aaron Sorkin.

So with all that said highlighting her credentials, peep true musical ability down below.