[EP] BlackLiq x Mopes “Time Is The Price”


Richmond, VA emcee BlackLiq is unafraid to stare point-blank into the deepest, most reflective sectors of the abyss while holding his head high and rearranging his reflection into whatever form the future demands – he remains true to self while never allowing that allegiance to stunt growth. A long-time independent force, Black has filled the roles of radio host, promoter, journalist, mentor, and TEDtalk speaker, among many others. Respected as an emcee throughout the underground and above, he most recently appeared on indie rap juggernaut Atmosphere’s latest album, “WORD?” Relentlessly kinetic and persistently willing to impart the life lessons that have led him to his hard-won place in the industry, he places all facets on display: “I’m not your enemy – I’m your worst best friend.”