Shah Leezy Impresses On His New Project "Shiraz"


Shah Leezy makes his return with the new 12-track album titled "Shiraz" produced entirely by Get Large. 

Following up his 2020 EP, The Iron Shiek Tape, Shah Leezy once again delivers on his latest album with top-tier rhymes and a high-quality beat selection throughout. "Shiraz" marks growth in Shah Leezy's career as he continues to mature and age like a fine wine, only getting better with time. Representing New York, Staten Island specifically, Shah Leezy always seems to be able to harness a classic feeling in his music reminding us of vintage Nas or Hov, while still maintaining to hold on to his own personality and originality. Shah Leezy is a rapper's rapper being able to attack any beat and any tempo with ease. Get Large also shines throughout "Shiraz" with his soulful samples and hard-hitting drums. Shah Leezy and Get Large combine for a perfect 1-2 punch both complimenting each other's style perfectly. "Wolf Of Wall Street" is a definite stand-out as Shah tells Get Large to "stretch the beat out some more" as he gets over 3 minutes of flawless rapping in. Listening to "Shiraz" you can tell Shah Leezy is a rapper and person who stands on what he says and lives by a real code of ethics. Sprinkling in features from innocent?, Greezi Amiin, i$o indies, S L Feemster, "Shiraz" from Shah Leezy and producer Get Large is already a standout 4th quarter project of 2021. 

Press play on the Official Music Video for "Shiraz" and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more new music. 

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