Elajah Mouhammed "Knock On Wood" [VISUAL]


Elajah Mouhammed is a wave-making New York artist, who was born in the Boogie Down Bronx -- that has now found himself all over the big apple. His authentic and unique sound is forever-changing, but Elajah often looks to connect with those who feel outcasted. Both his debut single ("Bayside Love") and debut project ("Survival of the Fittest") were released last year, which garnered Elajah a solid buzz. However, that was just a teaser, a sample if you will.

His latest release comes in the form of a single / animated visualizer titled "Knock On Wood." The track is about a young man being forced to question his actions because he's been dating a girl who happens to be being unfaithful. While it's a very easy story to understand, Elajah tells the story in a strategic way, as listeners can interpret multiple meanings behind the lyrics after each listen.

The song starts off with a subtle intro, which hints at a twisted ending, almost as if we got to hear our main character's inner thoughts after confronting his significant other -- and right before the listeners can get a chance to catch on the voice of the female singer (Zena Spratley), the beat drops in an abrupt manner.

Check out the animated visualizer below and stream the official audio on your preferred DSP now!