[ALBUM] YOUNG CLANCY - Something Something Tape


On SOMETHING SOMETHING TAPE, ascending Toronto soul musician and beatmaker Young Clancy captures a vital moment along the city's ever-thrilling artistic course. Gathering 12 of the most distinctive voices in the city's thriving independent R&B and hip-hop scenes, Young Clancy settled in over the pandemic lockdown "to create around the times, rather than for the times," he says, distilling a unique and tangible perspective on "The New Toronto Sound," a version that truly vibrates on the deep, unifying heartbeat coursing through its artistic community.

Made up of 13 minute songs – sonic explorations in brevity, inspired by the masterpieces in miniature of J Dilla's Donuts and Tierra Whack's Whack House – the young boundary-less producer (born Nathan Burley) lays out a trove of homespun econo beats that evoke inspiring performances by vocal talents and wordsmiths from across town, like visionary rapper Clairmont the Second, mainstay soul singer Chris LaRocca, conspirators like rapper-filmmaker Matthew Progress and songstress Daniela Andrade, and inevitable threats like DijahSB, Kennen, M.I.BLUE, niina rosa, and more. 


The result is an infinite 18 minutes of intuitive and emotionally far-ranging music, leaping from the weeping psychedelic soul of M.I.BLUE's "BLUE'S INTRO" to the trunk-rattling low-end of Adrian Dey's "SAUCY" with barely a frame of repetition: a compliment to the synchronistic musical conversations at hand; equal testament to Clancy's chameleon imagination, and to the crucial performance of each vocalist. 

Featuring artwork sourced from mixed media collages of visual artist Tessar Lo, SOMETHING SOMETHING TAPE is the picture of Young Clancy locked down and revelling in his daydreams with an interconnected web of like minds. However fleeting in length, and to wherever each path leads from here, the magic that Young Clancy has incited will endure.