[List] My 11 favorite EP's of 2021


Peace to the OK-Tho/Hip-Hop/Music community. Jab here, once again. I'm coming at you this late February of 2022 to list my 12 favorite EP's of this past year in 2021. Half of these babies aren't even Hip-Hop to my surprise at a certain extent. I hope you have heard these projects yourself or plan to check them out, and let me know what you think about them. These are in no particular order other than the listing below.

Jenny Kern - I never thought that you were listening

Canada's own indie-pop singer/songwriter Jenny Kern delivered a four track, 15 minute experience of trance like enjoyment layered in intense realization, desire and acceptance of vulnerability. 

Noveliss & Mega Ran - MAVERICK HUNTERS

This quick, fun, relatable "nerd " culture themed hip-hop effort from two of my favorite fellow blerds should be well worth the time of any "nerd" out there, especially fans of things like wrestling, video games, anime, science, eastern culture, etc. 

August Fanon x Defcee - We Dressed the City with Our Names

This team-up produced head-boppin beats that I've come to expect from August while it also painted a glimpse of the childhood Defcee had and the mindset he has especially about his art due to that upbringing.

the avenues - the view is amazing

The Avenues came out of nowhere with this alt./indie project. The relatability of the view this EP is having relayed by it's performers is what makes this amazing to me. It has a way of making me yearn for the warmer time of the year in a melancholic way.

Hiero - Soil

Fat Beats' own Hiero came up from the dirt to serve this dish of nostalgia, sprinkled flavors of a somewhat southern/west coast spirit and artistry of more recent top players in the rap game like K Dot, D-Smoke, a more polished Kevin Abstract, and flashes of Earl Sweatshirt to my ears at least. 

VRITRA - dark dark, high contrast 

I find myself wanting to rave, chill/vibe/meditate, and "play" throughout this EP from VRITRA. I'll let you tell me and or experience what it does for you, and ponder why I'd get those "urges" (lol) from this varied collection of sound and tone settings. 

Ransom - Se7en 

Ran let folks know that even his teaser/leftover material bodies their full efforts with this one. He had himself quite a year in projects of a different form as well in 2021. 

Gwar - The Disc With No Name

The Disc With No Name serves as a compilation of four unplugged version of classics from the VA 80's metal act. Staying sane in a growingly less sane world, living on the edge metaphorically and non metaphorically, embracing the traces of fun that are left and walking into what's next with less fear than before are the attitudes I take from this. 

The Alchemist - This Thing of Ours

As expected from a project produced by Alchemist and featuring some of my favorite emcees of the past few years, I just knew from first listen that I'd cherish this project as a nostalgic memory for the (hopeful) old head I become to look back fondly on. 

Ru$h & Jay NiCE - Famili 3

This baby was dropped on Christmas Eve. These gentlemen surpassed the standard they set for themselves back in the Summer with Famili 2. From brooding/lurking beats to the celebratory beats and lyrics, this seven track, 21 min EP doesn't miss and manages to not run too long while at the same time not run too short.

Pip Millett - Motion Sick

Even via a short and sweet effort, Pip adds to the already unique UK R&B/Soul scene and sound. I appreciate the relatable subject matter about surprising personal realizations, overthinking leading to dark days, love, and worry about the future. 

**Late/Reupdated (12th) entry, / honorable mention**

Sadistik - L'appel Du Vide

The sad one didn't top Elysium (which made my top EP's of 2020) but he did drop another dope EP. The single feature from Caskey on Gasoline was a nice banger, Mariana was the most upbeat beat I've ever heard the sad one flow on, or just be. Bloodborne is more of what's expected from Sadistik at this point, while Samsara has an addicting beat. 7 tracks, 22 minutes and worth it. 

Thank you for reading. Let me know what your favorite EP's of 2021 are/were and let me know if you've heard/like/dislike mine!

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