[(Re)Mixtape Review] - EMPTYBROTHER7 - 7GAWD

Peace to the OK-Tho/Hip-Hop Community. We don't usually post let alone review remix projects, but this particular new drop 7GAWD by EmptyBrother7 ended up becoming an exception. We're speaking on 4 of the 8 tracks, the most standout tracks on the project. Let's jump right into this. 

FULL METAL OHANA - Remixing Yung Simmie's (Raider Klan) 8-year-old track here, Brother utilizes what sounds like a rather heavy flanger effect to wonk this beat up. All is fitting here. The sound matching Simmies cadence/flow, the vibe of the beat and how it sounds like it belongs on a project with this cover. 

Empty touches Gucci's Trap House track on IN N OUT. This track is a presented mix of a melancholy, atmospheric vibe, and is executed as an enhanced banger. 

I must admit that I have no clue what track 4 - LEVITICUS 2629 is originally, but it's remixed into a 1st half standout track. It's almost trance-like with its darkish tone and tribal chant-like vocal delivery/(what sounds to me like) beatgrid pattern usage on the vocals. 

POWER MONEY RESPECT is But I'm Bulletproof by Young Dolph (RIP) remixed into an almost brooding and eerie track. It's eerie just given the original track title and the way Dolph went out, and the beat having that brooding/progressively festering and almost sinister energy about it. 

I managed to avoid saying this about any/all the tracks mentioned above and saved it for the end here: This project is indeed a soup of energies/vibes and added layers of sound effects, but all in all it's pretty metal in how it's like a rebellious underground project conjoining artists over/into sounds foreign to them that most would never even dream of hearing. If you're curious about what the 4 tracks we didn't speak about sound like, you should check them and the whole project out for yourself. The Bandcamp link is below.