Switching things up is definitely one of the best ways to keep creative juices flowing, especially when it comes to music. This is one of the many reasons ROME’s brand new single/music video, "FWM" is a standout.

This fresh release has been fermenting in the artist’s psyche and soul for quite a while now, and it is finally out for the world to appreciate! The record features modern Hip-Hop influences and ingredients, with a touch of R&B, completing the perfect sonic recipe.

Ultimately, "FWM" is an incredibly rewarding experience for the audience, and just a starting example of ROME’s ability to challenge himself and redefine the boundaries of what’s possible via his artistic prowess. Furthermore, it's a good introduction to ROME’s personality for those who aren't familiar yet.

Check out "FWM" in full below and be sure to stream the official audio on your preferred DSP.

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