EP Review: Doechii - she / her / black bitch


It sounds like monsters just emerged from the swamp and is out to wreak havoc on Swamp Bitches, at first, at least. The beat transitions from what sounds like something Daringer would've produced into a banger when Rico Nasty comes in and bodies the beat with her energy, then it briefly transitions back into the original beat and then it again expands into a couple more welcomed transitions. These loves are on they boss bitch, slay queen shit, and I'm WITH IT. 

Bitch I'm Nice is a fast-paced track that honestly sounds like it is/could have been an extension of the previous track, and it has the same boss bitch edge to it. 

With the help of Jst Ray, on Bitches Be, Doechii expresses how fed up she is with bitches doing too much, and how she's just taking it slow, and the beat selection here does take a slower turn to match that even while Doe maintains a vibrant energy that doesn't sound out of place. 

It gets warm and got me boppin my head on This Bitch Matters. Here Doe talks about how the pressure gave her something to prove and expresses how she needs more patience, love, hugs, soul, and how she matters regardless of how flaws, attitude, etc. And she right. 

Doe ends the EP with another love along for the ride, SZA. The beat on Persuasive is on a similar tip to the previous track but is a little more up-tempo. While this track is like an ode to that Mary J and how flirtatious she is, I can't help but associate this track with both of the loves on this track and all the boss bitches who out (t)here.

Doe knocked it out of the park with this EP. She hit 5/5 on it. Definitely check this love out if you haven't heard it.