Part Of The Problem Tour - Tour Diary Day 3

To catch up on our journey, read about Vinyl Cape and Sketch tha cataclysm's previous stops
Day 1 in Portland, ME
and Day 2 in Montpelier, VT

Day 3: Ithaca, NY - Sacred Root Kava Lounge

There is a serious obstacle that independent musicians encounter with their careers. With a lack of all ages venues, it becomes increasingly difficult to consistently build a younger fan base, people to grow with you. The really enthusiastic music devourers are in their late teens and they just can't get in to the majority of venues. The college age folks you encounter get older and gradually begin to cut down on their show outings. So, the show this evening was an absolute blessing bestowed upon us by the good folks at Sacred Root Kava Lounge. Ithaca Underground and Helen Stride really set us up for a great night with a great line-up of acts that drew an enthusiastic all ages crowd. Absolutely beautiful.

The d├ęcor of the Sacred Root epitomizes chill and relaxation with its low lighting and get comfy furnishings. The sound system was great and the stage was completely comfortable to stretch out and go off.

Eyukaliptus was the first act up of the evening. Fresh out of high school and working through a series of effects and equipment, the gentleman is an extremely talented vocalist/MC/producer. He brought great music and a laid back performance style. And the guest MC he invited up was dope. It was definitely a great way to start the night. Sadly, forgot to take down the guest MC's name.

The next act was the shining star that is Sammus. The Ithaca native is a fascinating woman with infectious energy and undeniable talent. She brought an intensity, humor, emotion, and a lot of fun to the event. Dancing through songs of personal reflection to her Metroid themed concept project, every song was a hit. I am definitely looking forward to the next time that I get to see her rock.

DJ Mo Niklz and myself went up next. Such a great crowd in that room. As previously stated over the last two entries, we have been encountering complimentary but fairly quiet rooms over the last two gigs. These guys were all in, active and participating. They were dancing and connecting to the emotion of the different records dropped. I really appreciate what they were all giving back to me. I had the opportunity to get loose with a pretty dynamic set. So thankful. Here was my setlist for the night:

1. Inspired By A Conversation Last Night
2. Re-Introductions Aren't Necessary But Fuck It
3. Furor Poeticus
4. I Dreamt Of A Bottomless Heaven
5. Fading
6. No Time For A Sad Song
7. The Revolution Will Not Be
8. Love Poems To My Impending Poverty
9. Sleep Deprivation And The Artist
10. Beware! Witness!

My tour brethren Vinyl Cape had a killer set. Its great to see these cats rocking for an all ages crowd and seeing how Brzo shifts aspects of his performance to speak directly to the room and draw them in. Definitely pro shit. There was a great moment when he noticed two five year old girls in the corner. They were feeling it just as much as everybody else, dancing around and jumping with the music. Its great when a hip-hop show has a dynamic line-up like this and the crowd still gives it up to every act with the same energy and letting the music grab them. Great night all around.

I want to give it up to Bubba from Ithaca Underground, Helen Stride, and Sacred Root Kava Lounge for having us. Also, to my fellow acts for being awesome. To everybody that came out, I'll see you all again soon. To J. Robert Lennon for these great B&W photos. Annnnnnnnnnd (for no reason) a shout to the kid rocking the Uncommon Nasa New York Telephone t-shirt.

Extra thanks to Helen for putting us up for the evening. She's a great person. You could check out Helen Stride on Hip-Hop Don't Stop Thursdays 11am-1pm est WRFI 88.1 FM in Ithaca NY, 91.9 FM in Watkins Glen, NY, and streaming live worldwide at

Next stop. . . Stella Blues in New Haven, CT!!

See y'all tomorrow. . .