Coming through as promised, BIG BREAKFAST follows up "MIKEY LIKES IT" with "SAMBUCA / 7-TRAIN," the second single off his forthcoming sophomore project Ringtones. Like all the tracks on the project, "SAMBUCA / 7-TRAIN" is BREAKFAST produced and performed.

As the name suggests, there is a flip about mid-way through when the track transitions from SAMBUCA to 7-TRAIN. The former features clean, bounding drums centered around a verbed-out female vocal sample that gives it a hauntingly cyclical feel. BREAKFAST maintains his characteristically lackadaisical flow while delivering lines with an idyllic balance between the boastful and the mundane. After the flip, the beat gets stripped down to basics, losing the vocal sample to allow for BREAKFAST's affected, auditory collage to take the spotlight. Look for Ringtones releasing in April via Smoker's Cough Records.

"You some bitches Breakfast I do my dishes"