Bruce Bayne - Death to the Hypebeast (Prod Irineo)

Stank Face Records member Bruce Bayne denounces society’s obsession with brand name labels in his latest video, “Death to the Hypebeast.” Fighting fire with fire, Bayne rebels against the branding barrage with a slew of rapid-fire referential lyricism overtop a hollow, gritty beat compliments of fellow Stank Face member Irineo. The Paul Elliot directed visuals find Bayne and his band of counter-culture commiserators wilding while a slain Hypebeast bleeds out. This is the latest single off of Bayne's upcoming debut album, C i V i l i A N set to drop June 14th. Until then, check out his last video "HML" and the Stank Face Record's Bruce Bayne playlist.

"Death to the Hypebeast wearing them foam shoe Nikes
iPhone 6 6 6 like the area codes shiesty"