Crosby - 27514 (Prod Lentra)

Harnett County Legend Crosby drops off "27514." Predated by the vengeful "Oh No" and the taunting "Holla At Me," "27514" is the third single off of his upcoming sophomore project Crosfather and it just may be the best Crosby to date. 

While it is hard to beat the slapping "Harnett County Legend Pt. 3" the first line alone may be enough to win me over, "wasn't made to be a slacker / still my ex's favorite rapper." The track is almost too Crosby for its own good. First off, it finds Crosby talking his usual shit about his excellence at spitting both game and rhymes. Then, it shouts out his hometown, Chapel Hill, something Crosby loves to do. Then the beat drops out and Crosby comes in with an effortlessly breathless flow. And, like all Crosby Classics, it's produced by Lentra The Gawd.

Back when The Crosby Showdropped, I noticed an undeniable chemistry between him and producer Lentra. In my write-up, I called for a collaborative album between the duo. Judging from the fact that all three Crosfather singles are produced by The Gawd himself, and the fact that Lentra put out a playlist called "Crosfather 06/??/16" with every Crosby-Lentra collab, it's looking more and more like Crosfather will be the full-length collaboration we've been waiting on. Only time will tell, Crosfather drops sometime next month.