Crosby - Crosfather (Prod Lentra) [Album]


Open your ear holes - it's time to get familiar with North Carolina's rawest rapper: Crosby. Actually, if you read OK-Tho as often as you should, you already know about Crosby so good on you. If you don't know the name, shame on you, go read up, you're not ready for this post.

Crosfather sees Crosby collaborating with over-seas producer Lentra, also known as Lentra The Gawd, who delivers colossal, hard-hitting production time and time again. Now, I'm not saying you have me to thank for this project BUT, back when The Crosby Show dropped, I did call for a full-length collab between Cros and Lentra based off the undeniable chemistry they showcased on The Crosby Show. Then the next project Cros drops is Crosfather and it's a full-length collab with Lentra. So, I mean, I'm not trying to flex or anything but, I think we both know what's up. Peep those Executive Producer credits, you'll find my name.

SMH, did you check? Of course my name isn't there I'm just a blogger.

Anyways, as for Crosfather, it features guest verses from Well$Khan-Ji, and Adot as well as those classic Cros hype lines you know and love. The thing with Crosby hype lines though is that he says things that are pretty realistic. He's not over here telling you he stacks cash to the ceiling or gets more green than Bruce Banner, he's out here rapping about "rolling through the sticks smoking groping on the bitch" and that's something I sincerely believe someone living in North Carolina would be doing. That's the thing about Cros that you gotta understand, all the shit he's talking he backs up. He really lives the life he raps and raps the life he lives.

The flow Crosby employs is equally hyped, and reminds me something of a dad yelling at his kid's soccer match. But a dad that sounds REALLY good yelling at the kids. Sometimes he takes a more laid-back flow like on "Pimp And A Preacher" but, such a relaxed flow is a novelty to Cros. Go cop the project on Bandcamp and show love to North Carolina's only rapper, The Crosfather. Interview with The Great in the works - stay tuned.

Top Tracks:
"The Mob" ft Well$
"Oh No"

"Don't irk The Great
Twisted off bourbon straight"