ZIGGY, "Outcome" (Prod. Krikit Boi) [Music Video]

Ziggy, "Outcome" (Prod. Krikit Boi)

While the South San Francisco Bay Area has long been known as a tech and business innovation hub, San Jose hasn't ever gotten the recognition it deserves as a hot spot for art and culture. In the Bay Area Rap scene, ZIGGY's got a real chance to change all that. With his upcoming Empire distributed project "Khakis," produced entirely by Krikit Boi, ZIGGY is poised to put San Jose hip-hop on the map. And the project's most recent single, "Outcome," is a great taste of the unique sound and vibe "Khakis" will bring with it's 4/6 drop on all outlets. 

With a fresh delivery that's clean and punch-heavy, ZIGGY drops line after line that will make any West Coast Rap fan smile with nostalgia. The San Jose emcee has had a versatile pen and flow for years now, but thanks to the slick funky beat from Krikit Boi, "Outcome" feels like a whole new side of ZIGGY. Between this single and the last, "Emotional," "Khakis" is bound to put ZIGGY and San Jose on the map, and help the city finally earn the recognition it deserves in the Bay Area rap community. 

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