OK-THO PREMIERE: Ziggy - "Ears Covered" (Music Video)

In an era of carbon-copy billboard hits and formulaic manufactured pop-stars, real versatility has become one of the most rare and definitive marks of a true MC. And on his latest Krikit Boi produced music video"Ears Covered," buzzing San Jose based Empire backed rapper Ziggy proves again he's a whole lot more than a Philthy Rich assisted hit maker 

Krikit Boi's jazzy, old-school West Coast influenced production is a perfect canvas for Ziggy to flex his pen's diversity and vent on the state of the game and the struggle of coming up through hip-hop's ranks without loosing your authenticity or voice. The two have crafted some pure magic in their collaborations in the past, and "Ears Covered" is another dope entry to a catalog that's continually reaffirming just how much style, originality, and talent the Bay's still hiding that's yet to be discovered on the national scene. While hits with the likes of Philthy and other Bay legends may help Ziggy bubble onto the global media landscape, fans of the San Jose based MC can rejoice in the implied promise Ziggy makes with tracks like "Ears Covered;" even as the rapper continues to grow and cement his place as the most hyped hip-hop artist in San Jose, Ziggy holds true to everything that makes him a unique artist that stands out from the pack.

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