Part Of The Problem Tour - Tour Diary Day 4

To catch up on our journey, read about Vinyl Cape and Sketch tha cataclysm's previous stops
Day 1 in Portland, ME
Day 2 in Montpelier, VT
and Day 3 in Ithaca, NY

Day 4: New Haven, CT Stella Blues

The homecoming show. There's a feeling that happens pretty much every time I come back home, no matter how long the tour is, where I feel a little stressed out and out of place. I get anxious. Its a really strange feeling, but, without fail, it always happens. The second I looked for parking, that feeling came rushing in.

I walked about listening to podcasts and eventually indulged in some Sally's pizza (New Haven pizza is the best ask C$ Burns).  After a brew out on the patio while listening to the back bartender's music selections, I got a little more chill.

The line-up for the show was really cool, a mixture of really different types of MCs. I was worried about the turnout as the acts started arriving as it was pretty empty in the room during most of Mo Niklz opening DJ set. Luckily, right as the first act of the night touched stage, a small group of folks started spilling in.

First up, Funk Gero hit the stage. These guys are a Hartford area group of MCs/producers with a lot of talent. I've rocked with them on bills put together by the homie Joey Batts. I really dig what they do. ZCP and The Sloth spit relentless. ZCP has this smoother stage presence and The Sloth comes off with this more awkward stance like the verses are being shot out of his chest. Really dope. I heard a lot of compliments about the fellas. Looking forward to the next show with them.

Next, was the homie Zak G. Zak came with a great energy in his set yesterday. This solid "I'm ready to go" vibe right away. He tore into his "Exit" track with songs from his Wasteland album that followed. He swims through this world of choppy rhymes and hollered hooks. Such a great pairing with Vinyl Cape too. Always happy to rock with the homie.

Coming off the energy of Zak G, my brothers Vinyl Cape did their thing once again. While snapping some of these pics, I was thinking about the subtle dynamic shifts in their set. One second the beats are pounding the speakers and the next Brzo is basically singing a country song. Next moment he is spitting in triplets followed by him unleashing a growl or scream. But it all carries the same vibe. Its fucking cool for lack of a better phrasing.


I went up next. Pretty much an anxiety I had earlier was completely gone. It felt really good to rock. It was also nice to see a bunch of supportive friends and fam in the place. Mo was really on point throughout the set too. I just felt blessed to be on last night. The set went in a bunch of different directions and everything felt like it worked well with the people in attendance.

I believe this was the set:
Inspired By A Conversation Last Night
Re-Introductions Aren't Necessary But Fuck It
Furor Poeticus
I Dreamt Of A Bottomless Heaven
No Time For A Sad Song
Revolution Will Not Be
Love Poems To My Impending Poverty
Sleep Deprivation And The Artist

Last up for the night was the gentleman Chef The Chef. This was the second show I did with the homie. He brought it as usual. He's a great MC/producer with a smooth and clean style. He interacts with the crowd well and seems to be comfortable in his skin. There was a great moment during his last track where he said something like "nah. . . bring that back" and Mo obliged not knowing it was part of the song. Haha Mishap but it lets you know how on point Mo Niklz is. I'm thankful to get to rock with the man.

The night concluded with a couple of brews and then I got to crash back home and watch the Cotto fight.

Next up is the conclusion of our journey as we hit the stage at The Shaskeen in Manchester, New Hampshire. See you then. .  .