Big Breakfast - World Industries [Video]

Producer, rapper, and Highlife hoarder Big Breakfast drops off the latest single from his upcoming project Ringtones complete with visuals and Mass Appeal's approval. "World Industries" is the third single released thus far, predated by the lackadaisical "Mikey Likes It" and the bounding "SAMBUCCA / 7-TRAIN." While "World Industries" was sneak released, it makes sense that we would get another single right about now taking into account how close we are to the May 13th release. And yes, that 13th is indeed a Friday. 

While Mass Appeal has deemed Breaky "weird," "a weirdo," "absurd," "eclectic," and "odd," those who have been along for the ride thus far will find nothing out of his ordinary on "World Industries." I myself would describe Breaky as "unique," "genuine," and "real." I might even go so far as to say "good." I guess when you spend all your time lurking in the underground your perception gets skewed. To each his own. 

As with all of Ringtones, the production for this track is handled by the Big man himself. As a result, it has what is quickly becoming a characteristically Breakfast sound complete with 808s and an "I'd fight you but, I'm a little couch locked right now. Let's just meet up tomorrow" feel to it. The verse is a bundle of humble brags heavy with wordplay and unexpected rhymes. The Duncecap directed visuals begin with Breakfast pulling a wooden Excalibur out of a snowbank. After ascending to his fated role as pseudo-king of New York, Breakfast does what all good kings do and throws down. When the cups run dry and the friends head home, Breakfast gets to cleaning up a bit before returning the wooden Excalibur, disillusioned with the life of Luxury

There will be two release shows in NYC, one on the 13th and one on the 15th. In June, Breakfast will be going out on tour. Check the dates below to see when he'll be in a town near you. 

5/13 - New York, NY @ Baby Castles (album release show)
5/15 - Amityville, NY 
@ Amityville Music Hall (album release show)
6/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ AVIV
6/18 - Buffalo, NY
6/19 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler's
6/21 - Morgantown, WV
6/22 - Kent, OH @ Stone Tavern
6/23 - Louisville, KY
6/24 - Nashville, TN
6/25 - Atlanta, GA
6/28 - Asheville, NC
6/29 - Richmond, VA
6/30 - Baltimore, MD @ Wind Up Space